A Stirring Drama With A Surefire “Best Actor” Nominee

Summer is always the best time to watch a movie. There are so many new movies out and there is always such a variety of options at the theater. You can choose from a great comedy, a chick flick or a regular action movie depending on what mood you are. There is always such a wide selection and almost all the movies on are of the highest rating. However, satellite tv packages, I would say that one of the best movies that you have to see this weekend is The Help. This is a movie that opened very discretely in a Read the rest of this entry »

Which “Best Picture” Nominee Is Right For YOU?

There are multiple nominees for “Best Picture” award this year, but this article will outline three films receiving some of the greatest buzz. These three top nominees for “Best Picture” award include the films Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook, and Les Miserables. Life of Pi intertwines the literal and metaphorical in this film of a child’s tale come true. The stunning 3-D effects of the film have gained raptured attention from many audiences worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »

Keep The Lights On For This Horror-Lover’s Delight.

Horror film buffs can’t seem to get enough of a good scare. Unfortunately, many horror movies tend to use tired “gotcha” moments and plots that don’t keep the viewer very involved. Rather than relying on gore or camera trickery, Seconds, starring Rock Hudson, focuses on the descent of a man who has lost his way in life and the terrible lengths a company is willing to go to in order to help him start over.

Seconds is a black and white film and has a very Twilight Zone kind of feel to it.I was Read the rest of this entry »

The Five Summer Movies Everyone MUST See!

This summer, their are plenty of movies to choose from. But only five will have you leaving the theater in pure awe. Those movies are The Dark Knight Rises, Moonrise Kingdom, The Amazing Spider-Man, Promethius and Neighborhood Watch.
Of the five selected, the absolute must see is Dark Knight Rises. The movie, which is the final in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, will be the most fitting end to the series imaginable.
Another super hero movie that will be great to see is The Amazing Spider-Man. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Out Now

There are a lot of great new releases on satellite and at the box office and maybe a few you haven’t even heard of. If you like movies as much as we do you’re going to love our top three picks for what to pick up or check out this weekend:
30 Minutes or Less: This slapstick style comedy revolves around the idea of a pizza man turned bomber, by force. It’s hilarious in its own right but don’t expect groundbreaking television – it’s just a silly movie.
Cars 2: The kid in you will really enjoy this animated follow up to the Pixar classic but don’t get too excited. Although it’s well done and has many of the same characters it just doesn’t have the spark of the original.
The Change Up: Ryan Reynolds gives us another great performance opposite Jason Bateman in this rude 21st century comedy. It’s not the most original premise in the world but it’s funny and it’s great for a date night, too. Just don’t watch it with your mom.

An Insightful But Silly Satire For The Skeptic.

If you are looking for a great review on a movie that you are interested in, consider why this article will be very insightful for you to read. This review is covering the movie “the skeptic”, and will look at some of the actors that shaped this movie up to what it is today. The storyline follows a man (Bryan Becket) who is a skeptic lawyer and, after his aunt dies, moves into his aunt’s house dismissing Read the rest of this entry »

Buckle Up For This High-Octane Thriller.

Buckle up for this high-octane thriller! What a better way to spend the evening with family and friends than by gathering together to take in an awesome flick! Pulsating edge of your seat action, along with rollercoaster plots and twists makes this one of the best action thrillers to check out”this movie is a must see! From the opening scene the movie is a well crafted story and the provocative cinematography, offering visual effects and imagery that Read the rest of this entry »

A Movie Buff’s Delight For the Drama Lover.

Movie buffs who have a soft spot from drama know all the popular drama movies (such as The Shawshank Redemption or Godfather). However, there are hundreds of drama films released regularly that do not get the attention they deserve. One of these films is The Resident.

Released in 2011, The Resident stars well-known Hollywood actors including Hilary Swank, Jeffery Dean Morgan and Christopher Lee. The story centers around Juliet Devereau, a young doctor, who movies into a Brooklyn loft after ending her relationship with her boyfriend. She begins to flirt with Read the rest of this entry »

This Movie Will Keep You Up At Night!

Nights can sometimes seem dark and scary, especially, if you have been watching a movie that may later haunt you in your dreams. You know that you are watching a movie that could very easily keep you up all night but you still continue to watch. Later when you are trying to sleep, you know that their is nothing there in your light-less bedroom except the shadows but you must turn on the light just to make sure. It is impossible for you to rest because your thoughts keep going around in your mind about the eery movie that you just saw and you do not want what happened to Kristen happening to you.

Imagine yourself in a mental institution, trapped, with strange things happening in the night. This is what happens to Kristen in John Carpenter’s movie, The Ward. Kristen is being terrorized by things that she can not see. She is a beautiful women who has a troubled mind but she knows what is happening in the her hospital ward is real. This disturbed young woman finds herself bruised and cut and she is at loss in knowing what to do. Someone is drugging her with laughing gas and she does not know to whom she can turn for help. Other women who are also mentally ill patients in ward four are considered just as crazy as Kristen and they can not help her through this terrifying ordeal.

The air around Kristen grows heavy at night in ward four and their are weird and frightening sounds coming from somewhere in the night in this hospital from hell. She knows that the young women who reside in ward four are not the only ones there. Their is another presences more disturbed in this ward. Her ward mates start to come up missing and she knows that she will be next, if she can not escape this mind altering place of horror.

You will find out at the end of the movie as Kristen tries to escape that their is a far more sinister truth lurking in ward four that will horrify and disturb your very being. This movie will keep you up all night!

Do You Want A Movie That Makes You Think?

Few movies stir your thoughts even as they break your heart, but Never Let Me Go manages to do just this”and in the most poignantly understated of ways. In combining the ethical dilemmas of speculative fiction with the bittersweet beauty of star-crossed love, director Mark Romanek successfully translates to the screen the qualities that make Kazuo Ishiguro-s novel unforgettable.

This is a movie that deals with human cloning, but it is not a movie about human cloning. Romanek glosses over the gritty Read the rest of this entry »